Friday, July 30, 2010

Beyond Happy :-)

So today my Mom and I went shopping... but pretty much for nothing haha We just go to look around and see if we can find something we like. But today oh I found something I really like!!! We got a really good deal on a KEYBOARD!!! EEEP!!! It was on sale and it came with a stand and lots of extra goodies... now all I need is a sustain peddle and I'm good to go! Probably only my fellow musicians would appreiciate this... but I'm just too darn excited! I played for like four hours straight. I was threatened though... If I stop playing our actual piano my mom said she would sell it! So I told her i would name it so I would have an emotional attachment to it that way she could never let it go!!! I also gotta give a shoutout to my Daddy for letting us buy it... even though he'll probably never see it.

So besides being joyful.. I'm also quite scared... there's only twenty days until my first day of highschool (freshmeat)! Another new shool. Great. But this means i have a chance to start fresh and start sharing my faith without being intimidated. I'm planning and praying that I can go in strong and unashamed and win souls for Jesus!!!

Represent! Get Crunk!

PS. I have decided to name my Keyboard Looney Tuney and my piano Looney Out-of-Tuney haha get it!?

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