Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ladies and Gentleman, Introducing: The Natalie and Daniella Show!!!

When Natalie and I were little, we used to entertain ourselves on the way home from church by performing our "show" in front of our other two sisters and our parents. We would sing our alphabet or twinkle twinkle little star, you know those kiddo songs. I was looking through the pictures on my computer and saw a few of me and my sister just being dorks and I remembered our "show". This morning I tried to wake her up... you see she sleeps in the basement so there aren't any windows in her room, so no sunlight enters... whatsoever. Its pitch black down there, so lucky her she gets to sleep in until late in the afternoon. But today I woke up extra early to go on a walk with my parents and was unable to go back to sleep when we returned. I waited about three hours to wake her up, because by then both of my parents were at work and I was extremely bored. I snuck down to her room and said very loudly, "Natalie wake up I've been up since six and i'm BOOOOORRRRREEEEEDDDDD!!! and I've been trying to make a blog but I just can't figure it out!" then I started asking random questions, "What does unestablished mean?" she replied not established. "What does established mean?" Then she kicked me out. I was sad. I waited about two hours later and tried again, I left and then half an hour later she came to help me with my blog. Too bad we got distracted with a little basket of toys our nephew left out. We were playing with a magnet, a mini barbie doll that you can get a Mc Donalds, and a magnet of steve from blues clues. That was when I decided That would be one of the things I posted on my blog. Today I realized that Natalie and I are dorks... but we think we are ninjas. Wow.

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